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Even more...

- Very Easy to navigate.

- Old Testament Audio.

- New Testament Audio.

- Many available text fonts for easy reading.

- Take notes using our Text Editor.

- Day reading mode and night reading mode.

- Change the text spacing and size.

- Fast pinch to zoom the text.

- Change the screen brightness.

- More than 1200 real time maps from Bible places. 

- Justify the text to left, right or center.

- Reading mode and study mode.

- Fast access to cross references .

- Bookmark any verse easily.

- Words of Jesus in Red.

- Old Testament quotes in Blue.

- Share Bible verses on Facebook.

- Fast and feature rich Bible search.

- Auto-scrolling with adjustable speed.

- Automatic sync your notes on iCloud.

- Treasure of Scripture Knowledge titles.

- Google search for any word in the King James Bible.

- Easy access to Strong's Numbers and concordance.

- Google search for any word in the King James Bible.

- Search the current chapter with matches highlighted.

- Wikipedia search for any word in the King James Bible.

- Dictionaries: Webster 1828, Easton's Bible Dictionary, Hitchcock's Names, Nave's Topical Bible, Smith's Dictionary, Archaic words list, Original Translator's Notes.


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